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Abnormal colposcopy images

Good quality Medical Imaging Systems for sales
Good quality Medical Imaging Systems for sales
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Abnormal colposcopy images
Abnormal colposcopy images

(1) white epithelium: acetic acid coated white, clear boundary, no blood vessels. Pathological examination may be metaplastic epithelium, dysplasia.

(2) white spot: white patch, surface roughness uplift and no blood vessels. Not painted 3% acetic acid is also visible. Pathological examination of hyperkeratosis or hyperkeratosis, and sometimes HPV infection. In or around the white spots may have malignant lesions, biopsy should be routinely taken.

(3) Point-like structure: formerly known as white base. Coated with 3% acetic acid whitish, clear boundary, smooth surface and a very thin red dot (punctate capillary). Pathological examination may have atypical hyperplasia.

(4) Mosaic: irregular blood vessels will be coated with 3% acetic acid hyperplasia after the white epithelium divided into clear boundaries, irregular small pieces, like a mosaic of red fine lines pattern. If the surface was irregular prominent, the blood vessels to the surrounding, suggesting that cell hyperplasia, should pay attention to cancer. Pathological examination is often atypical hyperplasia.

(5) Heterotrophic vascular: refers to the vascular caliber, size, shape, branch, to the very irregular arrangement, such as spiral, comma-shaped, hairpin-shaped, leaf-shaped, spherical lines, such as bayberry-shaped. Pathological examination for varying degrees of cancer.

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