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LED medical headlights

Good quality Medical Imaging Systems for sales
Good quality Medical Imaging Systems for sales
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LED medical headlights
LED medical headlights

LED medical headlamp is a new generation of medical head lighting tools, is widely used in outpatient examination, surgical lighting supplement, especially for smaller incision, the cavity deep open surgery. The main use of integrated structure and circuit design, the use of the latest LED optical technology, the traditional separate external battery box, external light boxes, medical headlights, light guide, power lines, trolleys and other components highly integrated a Wear equipment.

main feature:

1. Integrated design, with the total weight of the battery is only 130g, more lightweight and comfortable than the separate medical headlights, portable and easy to use.

2. Lamp diameter as small as 18mm, and can achieve unobstructed coaxial lighting.

3. Spot illuminance is clear, uniform, and the border is also clear.

4. The battery is lithium polymer battery, safe and reliable, intelligent constant current control (power 1W), can achieve long battery life.

5. Can be easily 360 ° omnidirectional free directional lighting.

6. Slim with headband, the power supply line hidden in the headband, to achieve simple wear, no wireless involved, easy to operate.

Applicable to all departments of the hospital out-patient examination, inpatient ward and surgical treatment to use.

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