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The importance of using electronic colposcopy

Good quality Medical Imaging Systems for sales
Good quality Medical Imaging Systems for sales
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The importance of using electronic colposcopy
The importance of using electronic colposcopy

Electronic colposcopy is a new technology for the application of high-tech in conventional colposcopy for vaginal examination. Its high resolution electronic imaging technology, high quality light source and high level of amplification technology can identify very tiny tissue and provide more real tissue color for both the reproductive tract (ie, vulva, vagina, cervix) disease diagnosis and treatment of two aspect.

Electronic colposcopy for the majority of women's common disease, frequently acquired treatment means to bring more accurate and convenient, has become an important method of cervical cancer screening.

1. Electronic colposcopy can enlarge the cervical and vaginal mucosa 5-40 times, observed on the surface of the cervix, the vagina can not see the lesion, such as reflecting the changes in tumor growth changes in capillaries, it is for cervical cancer and Early detection of precancerous lesions, early diagnosis has a certain value.

2. Electronic colposcopy can help clinical early detection of precancerous lesions and cancer.

3. If the use of cytology with colposcopy and microscopic biopsy, and if necessary, to do the comprehensive measures of cervical scraping curettage can improve the precancerous lesions and early invasive cancer diagnosis accuracy rate of 92%, early treatment Can significantly improve the patient's survival rate. Therefore, digital electronic colposcopy is an early diagnosis, early treatment of reproductive tract cancer an important means.

4. In addition, the electronic colposcopy in clinical can also be used as the ablation of neoplasm and resection and so on.

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